Bachelor’s thesis


The Bachelor’s Thesis is an individual work that the student shall conclude under the supervision of a tutor. This work allows the student to demonstrate in a comprehensive manner the global formation and the competences of the Bachelor Degree..

The Bachelor’s Thesis contains the following categories:

a) Academic work or paper on a topic or question concerning the content of the Degree.
b) Review focused on different areas concerning the content of the Degree.
c) A work focused on the professional training: report, legal opinion, case-law, establishment of a business among other options.
d) A joined-project with an external entity (enterprises, public or private institutions, NGOs, social movements) concerning a topic related to the Degree. The project shall not be part of the mandatory internship.


The evaluation of the Bachelor’s Thesis is based on the continuous evaluation taking into account three items: the assessment of the overall performance (schedule), the progress of the work and the public defense.


Prior requirement: In order to enroll in the Bachelor’s Thesis, the student shall have passed 150 ECTS.

Regulation: Bachelor’s Thesis Regulation